Building JBlend under Windows/Linux/MacOS

Sources and Tools

Building on Windows (using a MS C Compiler)

   cd ...\tclJBlend-devkit
   ms-build x32
   ms-build x64

Building on *nix (Linux/MacOS/Windows+MingW)

   cd .../tclJBlend-devkit
   ./ x32
   ./ x64

By default intermediate results will be saved under the XBUILD subdirectory; XBUILD/JBlend will contain the deliverable package (zip it and deliver it).

If you use a shared disk for building, you can attach it to Win/Linux/Mac so that XBUILD/JBlend will collect all the native DLL/.so/.dylib so far built.

If you need to build a JBlend+JVM bundle, read the detailed instruction in tclJBlend-devkit/HowTO-AssembleJBlend+JVM.txt

Extra settings for Building customizations

You can adapt the build procedure in a limited way, just by setting some environment variables or passing'em on the fly on the command line of the build script.

Allowed settings:

  CFLAGS        (Options for C-compiler)
  JCFLAGS       (Options for javac.exe)
  BUILDDIR      (temporary directory for building)

BE CAREFUL: All pathnames must be in Unix notation


Change the output directory (on Linux/Mac/MingW)

 BUILDDIR=/work ; export BUILDDIR ; ./ x64
or equivalently (on Windows)

  ms-build.bat x86 "BUILDDIR=c:/work"
or equivalently (on Linux/Mac)

 ./ x64   "BUILDDIR=/work"

Enable tracing ...


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