What's new in JBlend?

The Ancestor: TclBlend 1.4.1

JBlend is a fork of the TclBlend Project, more precisely version 1.4.1.
Why fork ?
TclBlend 1.4.1 - the last available release - is pretty old (2008), and our new goals required a deep rework on the code base; hence the need of a radical evolution major release (2.0) and a new name JBlend.

The new goals were:

To achieve these goals JBlend lost the TclBlend/Tcljava ability to act as a bidirectional bridge between a JVM and a Tcl interpreter; JBlend can be used only in one way, from Tcl to Java and not in the opposite direction. For many Tcl users like me, this is enough ;-).

JBlend 2.0.0a1

Version 2.0.0a1 is the first alpha-version of JBlend.

JBlend 2.0.0a2

Version 2.0.0a2 is fixes some minor bugs, and allows full support for MacOS.

JBlend 2.0.0b1

Version 2.0.0b1 fixes some bugs (some still present in TclBlend 1.4.1), provides documentation for Users and Developers, and starts providing a basic (greatly incomplete) test suite.

JBlend 2.1

Version 2.1 comes with some intenal changes for an easier installation/configuration.
First distribution of JBlend+JVM bundles (for Linux and Windows).