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2ffbf775a5 2014-09-17 14:16:30 Incident Closed   download of Tarball or zip not working
52fd9ff9fd 2015-01-19 14:41:09 Documentation Closed   Links from Example Scripts wiki page not working
f5d7aaee59 2014-09-03 22:56:21 Incident Closed   borg shortcut fails with "App isn't installed"
254ef4a34e 2014-09-16 18:17:41 Feature_Request Closed   expose GpsStatus object
1e1cb812ca 2015-11-19 08:05:11 Hardware_Related Closed   [usbserial] does not recognize PL2303 devices
53c3195f85 2015-04-23 03:37:40 Code_Defect Closed   query: is there Bluetooth Low-Energy (aka 4.0) support under rfcomm
9c223256d6 2015-02-03 11:56:27 Feature_Request Closed   The value of ::env(TMPDIR) should be result of getCacheDir
9d7f70d87a 2014-12-11 06:27:32 Documentation Closed   Sizes of icons never specified
2c1655cf37 2015-02-03 11:56:01 Code_Defect Closed   [wm attributes . -fullscreen] always returns a 1
1caacde6fe 2015-03-28 13:18:29 Code_Defect Closed   Keyboard should not display for disabled or readonly entry widgets
5a60b40bd3 2015-02-03 11:54:34 Code_Defect Closed   [glob -directory] always fails
9e56501522 2015-03-28 13:17:54 Incident Closed   "error" command code misshandled
1e422a7fd4 2015-02-03 11:55:17 Code_Defect Closed   Plotchart not working in Groundhog Day
e526c4f148 2015-03-04 15:26:43 Code_Defect Closed   [exit] doesn't fully exit the app
e08cb7e826 2015-03-09 10:17:17 Code_Defect Closed   clock scan 2:00 fails with DST on
c99c5bd338 2015-03-16 04:11:16 Code_Defect Closed   Crashetd MapTour application
29fe310642 2015-03-16 04:09:46 Code_Defect Closed   Crashed MapTour application
dd26cfd590 2015-03-16 16:00:47 Documentation Closed   <<PinchToZoom>> State "%s" not documented
fc8c50627b 2015-04-23 03:36:38 Code_Defect Closed   buttons don't render after a Configure event expands a label
0367fc808b 2015-04-27 12:42:30 Feature_Request Closed   Expose android.content.ContentUris
c05ebb571b 2015-04-24 05:23:56 Feature_Request Closed   separate libsound from snack package
8a795f2bbd 2015-04-27 16:13:41 Feature_Request Closed   play sound in background
f9018e8efe 2015-07-29 06:31:48 Code_Defect Closed   Androwish/TKChat is not running with Nexus 7
8c3824e78d 2015-11-18 19:26:28 Feature_Request Closed   some wishes: SMS, Photo camera
f7bd81b23d 2015-09-01 21:16:29 Code_Defect Closed   Error in Sqlite3 library
16b70b000b 2015-09-12 01:17:42 Feature_Request Closed   Immersive mode support
aea420aa5e 2015-07-17 06:09:48 Feature_Request Closed   new: UI and TTS country & language
ea2a39b37d 2015-07-02 14:17:38 Feature_Request Closed   speech recognition support
ce6f57e103 2015-07-22 09:40:20 Code_Defect Closed   usbserial command is missing
19927abdea 2015-07-19 05:26:21 Feature_Request Closed   Need a way to intercept and process Android notifications
78c2115781 2015-11-19 08:04:04 Hardware_Related Closed   Crash on android 5.1.1 & android 4.4
86b687dcf0 2015-07-24 17:08:12 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath coords returns erroneous coordinates
6691fab800 2015-07-21 10:35:18 Feature_Request Closed   TCL script autorun
6cca25717a 2018-03-15 06:16:59 Code_Defect Closed   Red screen on Samsung Galaxy S3 / Android 4.3
7357e1a0a9 2015-07-24 17:19:34 Build_Problem Closed   I do not succeed to properly install NDK
15c4801ca7 2015-11-08 14:00:19 Feature_Request Closed   Snack can't play continuous realtime sounds
ca28d6afe1 2015-08-08 04:30:14 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath crashes in some different occasions
ba37989381 2015-08-06 22:48:53 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath scan dragto command abnormaly slow
57f2977267 2015-08-09 05:36:41 Feature_Request Closed   m3u or mp3 or ogg audio file support
0d021ec6cf 2015-08-08 20:05:25 Code_Defect Closed   borg camera numcameras - crash program
f7f53d94b1 2015-08-08 20:08:03 Code_Defect Closed   borg cameras on Android 2.3.6
aac99a073d 2015-10-01 21:22:14 Feature_Request Closed    
f29033e473 2018-10-10 14:36:56 Feature_Request Closed   Add OCR library support
a9d3f3df84 2015-10-01 08:52:12 Feature_Request Open   Transfering data using audio signal
ab69721d17 2015-10-28 21:54:31 Incident Closed   slowly move item after create big oval item on canvas
ca33c074d6 2015-10-31 20:41:49 Feature_Request Closed   It would be usefull to control the LED light on an Android device from a TCL script
e5d698b9a7 2015-10-28 19:22:49 Code_Defect Closed   borg content query yields no cursor
87267712a7 2015-11-06 17:09:09 Code_Defect Closed   In borg displaymetrics, the xdpi, ydpi values are not changed when a rotation occures
66b39842fb 2018-03-15 06:18:09 Hardware_Related Closed   black screen on galaxy tab
06b67e0789 2015-11-06 19:14:05 Hardware_Related Closed   black screen on galaxy tab
613b255cc3 2015-11-07 18:02:53 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath: .c move img crashes on x86 Linux
b4c3ea9f03 2015-11-08 01:21:31 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath crashes when asking for children of a group that does not exist
154b475a03 2015-11-08 09:31:25 Code_Defect Closed   Fix to b4c3ea9f03 returns error string as normal result
7f816d6182 2015-11-12 09:22:55 Feature_Request Closed   borg beep with ringtone option
8a19d219d4 2015-11-12 16:11:31 Feature_Request Open   Provide DeepBelief library and glue
5f13147cb5 2015-11-15 19:25:41 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath: Unknown options return error msg as normal result instead of an error
1845c707e2 2015-11-16 21:44:52 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath: raise, lower, itemconfig -state seem not to be working for grouped items
44b0ce8393 2015-11-17 00:15:17 Feature_Request Open   tkpath: Provide group inheritance for -state option
1bcf39384c 2015-11-18 10:19:40 Code_Defect Closed   borg content query content://settings/system -> no cursor available
05d98923b5 2015-11-18 20:33:16 Feature_Request Closed   Provide control for the camera LED (torch)
47e96e5c76 2015-11-19 14:42:43 Code_Defect Closed   borg bluetooth on|off creates multiple <<Bluetooth>> events
3b95a012a9 2016-01-07 22:05:47 Build_Problem Closed    
a424e911a4 2015-11-29 16:10:36 Feature_Request Closed   tkpath ptext to take fontweight values from the actual fonts available
5db15b6fb8 2015-12-05 21:14:48 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath: when using .c move tag x y, a transformation matrix should be applied before the move
eabb4cd940 2016-01-14 09:43:06 Code_Defect Closed   package req ral crashes system
29b228feac 2016-01-07 20:31:50 Code_Defect Closed   ftmac.c:99:39: fatal error: CoreServices/CoreServices.h: No such file or directory
c2f80e4cd1 2016-01-07 22:00:38 Code_Defect Closed   gxvfgen.c:468: error: undefined reference to 'ft_strncmp'
e73f5687a9 2016-01-14 09:41:24 Code_Defect Closed   No rule to make target `jni/tcl-pkgs/sqlite3.9.2/generic/tclsqlite3.c
b5b4207a86 2016-02-08 10:30:11 Code_Defect Closed   package require starkit for undroidwish.exe
71fd23b993 2016-02-08 17:58:01 Build_Problem Closed   Compile error undroidwish
415d87e0d3 2016-02-12 20:20:57 Build_Problem Closed   Compile error undroidwish, tiff
7306be7f87 2016-02-12 14:31:14 Build_Problem Closed   Missing SDL.h in source of 'sdl2tk' - unable to compile
ecce37efff 2016-07-16 15:10:46 Feature_Request Closed   Add snack, tls, tbcload in undroidwish
a93d2307bb 2016-03-21 14:50:33 Feature_Request Closed   disable screen dimming with setKeepScreenOn()
5b65d615f6 2016-03-23 11:14:15 Code_Defect Closed   do server sockets work?
8394dacfc9 2016-04-11 10:58:48 Code_Defect Closed   BLE not cleaned up at app force close
0b0417cecd 2016-04-08 14:32:27 Code_Defect Closed   Error execute undroidwish when run from directory with space in name
a4b53b845e 2016-04-08 17:24:17 Code_Defect Review   Error execute undroidwish when run from directory with cyrillic symbols in name
5768c58458 2016-04-18 02:14:18 Feature_Request Closed   software ability to set app title and icon
e6683a3727 2016-04-18 04:02:30 Code_Defect Closed   slight latency with touch events
6aca276786 2016-04-18 06:20:59 Feature_Request Closed   Multiple Androwish apps running at once
ef70c85ae9 2016-04-22 13:45:49 Code_Defect Closed   Running bones on Windows
055fb51264 2016-04-25 19:57:56 Incident Closed    
9361d4c46a 2016-04-27 18:04:37 Feature_Request Closed   Synchronised release cycles
c023753a10 2017-09-12 23:24:53 Feature_Request Closed   Switching to libjpeg-turbo
8f1be3f91c 2016-06-11 04:43:09 Feature_Request Closed   Including twapi?
e1de0441cc 2016-05-13 12:38:34 Build_Problem Closed   Problems building tclx: Undefined reference to endpwent
772f507578 2016-05-14 13:30:37 Feature_Request Closed   new "shortcut exists" command
5ac25da02a 2016-05-23 00:01:22 Build_Problem Closed   Problems building tclx
c2a1b973e0 2016-05-25 18:01:02 Feature_Request Closed   Generate QR barcode to download APK
3ff1ac97f6 2016-05-25 16:50:28 Feature_Request Closed   borg networkinfo + information about ip address and netmask
de2a73c348 2016-05-30 04:29:07 Documentation Open   New Example Application -- Hands free reading of SMS messages
dbcabac1a4 2016-09-11 13:15:12 Hardware_Related Closed   usbserial can not see or open a CH340 driver
9fa8dde952 2016-06-19 23:26:40 Code_Defect Closed   wm stackorder wrong
0698ad4f21 2016-08-01 04:23:38 Build_Problem Closed   build apk error
0824b500b8 2016-07-19 04:42:50 Feature_Request Open   Face recognit with OpenCV
c754b117ae 2016-07-20 07:15:22 Build_Problem Closed   Error compilation Androwish with ndk-11c & 12b
d28dbb205a 2018-01-31 06:57:20 Code_Defect Closed   Shift keys become disabled
72010b1352 2016-07-22 19:48:32 Build_Problem Closed   build snack for win64
7df59bcdaf 2016-08-05 07:11:53 Code_Defect Closed   tkconclient stop procedure fails if no connection was made
9fb2f48330 2016-08-16 17:58:29 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath polyline/ppolygon coords problem
bd94db61a0 2016-08-16 18:01:46 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath per-widget memory leak
7a4e415a7b 2016-08-17 11:45:17 Code_Defect Closed   error in pdf generation
18a3667cf1 2016-08-24 04:57:41 Code_Defect Closed   version mismatch with zlibtcl
3bf861042f 2016-08-31 20:12:10 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath, pimage & options -gamma for image
5b10a306cf 2018-03-15 06:21:17 Code_Defect Closed   Collapsed screen
9c8e7490ad 2016-09-06 21:37:44 Code_Defect Closed   version mismatch - valtype::iban
ffa0a59bb1 2016-09-08 21:02:18 Feature_Request Closed   OpenCV binding for Tcl
667afa722d 2018-03-15 06:19:55 Documentation Closed   Change package name - missing items
8880773147 2016-09-30 05:28:34 Build_Problem Closed   Undroid build fails on TclCurl on Raspberry Pi 3
cec477babd 2016-10-06 22:11:28 Feature_Request Closed   multiple fonts from same family can't be specified
d0cfa46aa9 2016-10-16 15:29:58 Feature_Request Closed   noise filtering of sensor data
6a1d1b0283 2016-10-09 06:10:53 Code_Defect Closed   error dialog when changing font in tkchat
499a632db0 2016-10-30 16:16:49 Code_Defect Closed   BLT does not redraw soon enough
482cc7570f 2018-10-27 16:37:44 Feature_Request Closed   how to ble write more than 20 bytes?
92140f0b3f 2016-11-03 05:49:39 Feature_Request Closed   add BLT in the undroidwish embedded packages
2eb0eb6d86 2016-11-16 13:46:29 Feature_Request Closed   Include nx
b73b12baee 2018-03-15 06:23:46 Documentation Closed   my own icon for undroid
95c84ee920 2017-11-08 23:28:00 Incident Closed   HelloTclTk.apk crashes with errors like " is 32-bit instead of 64-bit"
8387e721a2 2017-03-20 14:11:20 Code_Defect Closed   epeg in android
605efb3d7f 2017-03-30 11:15:58 Incident Closed   Androwish segfault using 'font measure' command
60bba48d57 2017-11-08 23:26:06 Code_Defect Closed   Google Play Store forbids Libpng versions below 1.2.56
bea1a344d8 2017-05-16 20:55:51 Code_Defect Closed   glob * damaged channel list in undroidwish.exe on SUBST-type disks
0cc8e05eea 2017-10-11 20:10:44 Feature_Request Closed   A new Release?
a7abb429cf 2017-06-29 17:41:48 Code_Defect Closed   tdom error during package initialization
37c905c47c 2017-08-23 06:01:40 Code_Defect Closed   disappears tkpath pimage item after rotate and move to any corner
de1a9b03c1 2017-09-12 22:43:33 Feature_Request Review   Add android.hardware.camera2 possibilities
76e3ab3086 2017-09-13 11:07:22 Feature_Request Closed   BLT: graph widget and outer spacing
b5d4203da0 2017-09-16 05:15:21 Documentation Closed   How to pass command line arguments to tcl script from console and from URI
61cd001360 2017-09-16 10:17:17 Build_Problem Closed   Error compile libtiff on x86_64
5216a97e03 2017-10-25 16:43:07 Code_Defect Closed   return key fails in console
2322f66dec 2017-09-27 08:34:46 Feature_Request Open   Tesseract OCR
d6bc7fb452 2017-10-11 20:13:03 Feature_Request Closed   new release in 2017?
a8fc8802e5 2018-03-07 20:55:24 Build_Problem Closed   error building libressl
8bd79776a3 2018-01-31 06:58:23 Code_Defect Closed   Touching a disabled menu entry disables the whole menu
6cdc17273e 2018-01-29 07:32:56 Code_Defect Closed   v4l2 bug in the 2017-10-11 version of undroidwish
0279ac73e1 2017-10-31 12:02:14 Feature_Request Closed   Shared Preferences?
a5ad033295 2018-10-25 17:40:16 Feature_Request Closed   ant\build.xml does not exist anymore
04b019a106 2018-01-13 09:07:19 Feature_Request Closed   exposure control (v4l2) in undroidwish does not work
d225cd1158 2018-08-23 04:10:35 Build_Problem Open   Allow AndroWish to install to SD card
f20bbda901 2018-10-27 16:35:33 Feature_Request Closed   Question: Are there versions without Tk (tclsh) planned?
b2255f788b 2018-01-31 06:31:36 Code_Defect Closed   Canvas3d: create polygon: unknown option "-emission"
0a34ceceef 2017-11-25 11:57:01 Feature_Request Closed   play store separating Tcl code from Androwish
6198498ebf 2018-01-31 06:30:28 Code_Defect Closed   Blank screen on resume first time after app install
ec608f3052 2018-01-31 06:31:07 Code_Defect Closed   Flat button border artifacts
c474d5f1ed 2018-01-31 06:56:29 Feature_Request Closed   TTS takes time to start, need a way to know when OK to use
ce46c4ddba 2018-01-31 06:56:00 Code_Defect Closed   Need error code when TTS cannot speak (happens on langs other than English)
619bdd939e 2017-12-16 11:30:46 Build_Problem Closed   Please fix undroid build
aa6eeb59e3 2018-01-05 07:11:45 Code_Defect Closed    
a33547c86f 2018-10-25 17:38:36 Code_Defect Closed   undroidwish app exit on MacOSX
89049f4b29 2018-01-05 10:57:10 Documentation Closed    
fa12b8ed74 2018-01-11 22:28:51 Documentation Closed   Is it possible for adb to launch Androwish and run an existing .tcl script?
dacab5aaba 2018-01-12 10:35:08 Code_Defect Open   Short && Long finger press
6b37622cce 2018-01-12 19:09:45 Code_Defect Closed   Short and Long hold finger
ffa4b31a93 2018-01-29 07:31:49 Incident Closed   Screen stares black after relaunching androwish .
5e236fc687 2018-01-15 09:24:27 Incident Closed   AWish freezes after launching 'adb logcat'
15f856c56d 2018-01-19 16:26:45 Feature_Request Closed   It is not clear which BLT is included
f0e2dcadf3 2018-01-22 21:02:44 Feature_Request Deferred   need package crimp in AndroWish
1bf6478b1c 2018-10-10 14:34:54 Build_Problem Closed   open sqlite database on linux x86_64 with gcc 6.4.0
d23d0a9dfb 2018-02-03 16:17:33 Code_Defect Closed   Tkpath's path item coords always returns the path it was created with
4522573240 2018-03-01 21:36:25 Feature_Request Closed    
2e5e5596c1 2018-03-02 13:14:57 Feature_Request Closed   New build shell on undroidwish
2e5190931a 2018-03-09 18:41:53 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath cget on unkown option doesn't report error
9578282290 2018-03-11 18:27:56 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath gradient: different rendering on PC and Android
f60c1ed722 2018-04-17 10:36:52 Code_Defect Closed   Tkpath's pimage does not handle images in XBM format
18a2cb741e 2018-05-06 12:59:18 Documentation Closed   Androwish SDK page in wiki should tell to install older version of Android SDK Tools
e3c5968845 2018-10-27 16:31:59 Code_Defect Closed   Can't load tclCurl
9240aa02d6 2018-06-16 06:52:38 Build_Problem Closed   Compile error jpeg-turbo on MAC OS 10.12
4f66735dc9 2018-09-26 15:39:00 Code_Defect Review   AndroWish does not restore after install
d4dd5e5c4d 2018-07-09 08:47:46 Documentation Closed   Full screen: system buttons still shown
1184fa9dd3 2018-07-09 08:45:54 Code_Defect Closed   Several bugs on Windows (SDL crash on start, paths, maybe docs)
3a05f023fa 2018-08-03 10:02:32 Code_Defect Closed   iwidgets not loading correctly
2cc7237486 2018-08-03 11:25:01 Code_Defect Closed   BLT and bgexec command
b5af5e89f2 2018-09-14 12:25:50 Code_Defect Closed   lreplace error in undroidwish
5e091e5422 2018-10-27 16:28:40 Feature_Request Closed   Request: Make tkconclient a separate package, present in vanillatclsh too
a806abdb54 2018-12-08 16:33:02 Feature_Request Closed   Crypted for undroid application
35da147bc1 2018-12-12 22:01:13 Build_Problem Closed   Fail to initialize Tk: version conflict for package "Tk"
94125dc382 2018-12-20 03:45:55 Code_Defect Closed   right-to-left language problem in Tk?
e2ca89ad7c 2018-12-20 20:06:40 Feature_Request Closed   Define env(HOME) only one time and keep it
73780e6fc9 2018-12-21 18:17:28 Feature_Request Open   Encrypt SQLite dbs with sqlchipher library
b9aca8054f 2018-12-24 09:32:39 Code_Defect Closed   Calling [tkp path ...] gives an error
259420cd70 2018-12-27 09:56:45 Feature_Request Closed   More shapes for tkpath
e064ba8c8e 2018-12-28 23:55:08 Code_Defect Closed   Tkpath: item's -strokedasharray spils over to other items
775d2e234f 2019-01-09 15:35:05 Hardware_Related Closed   Taps & drags: intermittent failure
5dc31f34ca 2019-01-10 18:37:32 Code_Defect Closed   tcluvc demos
8ed05ad5bf 2019-01-10 20:22:29 Code_Defect Closed   global command unreliable
3fba8254ae 2019-01-17 16:42:06 Feature_Request Closed   autostart after power-on
cca4dc34ae 2019-01-21 23:28:52 Incident Closed   Invalid command name "read_binary_file"
acd65846bd 2019-01-26 03:58:48 Incident Closed   Executing script silently abends
c5ddafb5a9 2019-01-26 18:45:45 Documentation Closed   How to establish a non-anonymous login for this site?
4edd51518e 2019-01-27 06:24:05 Documentation Closed   Running a script interactively
2acc118d9e 2019-01-27 07:27:08 Documentation Closed   Syntax error reported by AndroWish shows incomplete info
b9184cb355 2019-01-31 12:19:32 Feature_Request Closed   Provide overscan_xx options for undroidwish on Raspberry Pi
2e8db45a2c 2019-02-07 21:12:44 Code_Defect Closed   EVDEV KeyCode 330
ebcc23bb9f 2019-02-23 20:27:13 Feature_Request Open   Snack cannot play OGG files, missing snackogg package
1f9db69c90 2019-02-24 04:52:26 Code_Defect Closed   how to determine time zone?
725a93c2de 2019-02-24 04:54:59 Code_Defect Closed   phantom press events
9bfadd66b7 2019-03-09 07:43:59 Feature_Request Open   Reestablish wifi connection programmaticaly in AndroWish
f2c506c85a 2019-03-13 01:00:55 Incident Open   Rendering in fullscreen landscape orientation
d868f2cbf6 2019-03-16 11:34:17 Documentation Closed   Run from shell command line?
419c9d5590 2019-03-21 21:33:07 Code_Defect Closed   undrowish for raspberry with sdl: not work keyboard & mouse
9a70efd28c 2019-03-22 18:42:14 Incident Closed   raspberry and cyrillic fonts in undrowish
c487093be3 2019-03-30 08:29:26 Feature_Request Review   working tcl application as android service
81b9afccd5 2019-04-13 07:12:51 Documentation Closed   Documentation enhancements of sdltk page and lifecycle virtual events
f267d19a55 2019-04-26 18:23:18 Feature_Request Closed   Separate "Cleanup & Build" buttons in bones frontend to AWSDK
384b9d1c44 2019-04-26 18:23:58 Feature_Request Closed   tdbc::postgres or tdbc::<database backend> ie postgres, mysql, etc. is not available
8463b47c5d 2019-04-26 18:31:54 Feature_Request Closed   Upgrade to current Android SDK/gradle build environment
0e8ef05524 2019-04-26 18:32:49 Code_Defect Closed   file tail gives wrong result for name of executable
cfc4bf963e 2019-04-26 18:35:03 Code_Defect Closed   undroidwish app exit on MacOSX
a1b5caddcc 2019-05-07 18:21:14 Documentation Closed   Documentation of borg osenvironment externalstoragepublicdir: replace osEnvironment by os.Environment
51be026588 2019-05-08 12:10:27 Code_Defect Closed   "borg shortcut add" under Android 8?
b9e0ff92af 2019-05-08 12:13:30 Code_Defect Closed   console window does not read all keypresses
74d1dabafe 2019-05-13 20:09:03 Feature_Request Open   AW helper
25a686c22c 2019-05-14 11:31:30 Feature_Request Closed   Add fill, stroke, stroke-width and size units to material icons
5d92222c26 2019-05-16 14:16:13 Feature_Request Closed   Change the sdltk root window from inside undroidwish
797b5ba3a2 2019-05-17 04:33:33 Feature_Request Closed   Add a pattern in MaterialIcons::names
0c7dac6fcc 2019-05-18 04:15:23 Code_Defect Closed   [tk scaling] on undroidwish gives different results than on wish, on the same machine
0779797535 2019-05-18 10:36:42 Feature_Request Closed   Use a HOME/.undroidwishrc file to set sdl configuration values
0083572bf6 2019-05-30 14:13:55 Feature_Request Closed   Add search to MaterialIcons
0e6bcf5d2a 2019-05-31 15:13:27 Build_Problem Closed   Build win64 undrowish. Error while tls compile
ac3eeb2f9a 2019-05-31 16:48:48 Code_Defect Closed   BLT and tcl::mathfunc::max
135c7caca0 2019-06-06 20:39:39 Code_Defect Closed   can't display some chinese char
1a46afebae 2019-06-18 18:29:21 Build_Problem Closed   win64 twv compile error
db3cac25a2 2019-06-20 06:00:58 Documentation Closed   battery charge % ?
2b90520896 2019-07-05 06:13:45 Feature_Request Closed   Add rotation angle to MaterialIcons
e3c6fbfa6f 2019-07-08 05:04:16 Code_Defect Closed   Androwish button colors not changing correctly
d7c10bb26f 2019-07-08 08:58:57 Build_Problem Closed   Improve building of undroidwish on Windows
36481a3e08 2019-07-10 15:56:19 Feature_Request Closed   Make tkp::matrix::rotate accept angles in degrees too
8d184b7421 2019-07-18 07:22:11 Code_Defect Closed   bones user messages on errors
24f39a9f90 2019-07-18 09:24:17 Code_Defect Closed   Problem with bones - page 3
9e4da712e9 2019-07-18 21:17:07 Code_Defect Closed   Problem with bones - page 1
dac9b7522d 2019-07-18 21:24:24 Code_Defect Closed   Problem with bones - page 4
711718152b 2019-07-26 14:35:42 Code_Defect Closed   TkSql Not working
2178cabe41 2019-07-26 18:13:04 Documentation Closed   what launcher to install for icon-creation?
3a33f4e570 2019-08-02 10:58:24 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath: Events do not fire on rotated prect
ded161b67d 2019-08-06 03:35:01 Code_Defect Closed   Undroidwish crashes when specifying a non existent -fontfamily
05db7af209 2019-08-13 21:24:35 Code_Defect Closed   screen blank/black after power key off/on
bbcf24802e 2019-08-16 05:25:06 Code_Defect Closed   'package require iwidgets' fails if executable's path contains spaces + FIX
1901276a50 2019-08-18 12:24:40 Documentation Closed   http::geturl with -handler fails in 2.9.0 when retrieved data is larger than 16k ?
ab55aab885 2019-08-19 09:43:24 Feature_Request Review   please provide vanillatclsh as downloads too
6e4476dd25 2019-08-20 11:10:50 Feature_Request Open   include bluez in Android/undroid
25bf0bc47c 2019-08-25 06:42:07 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath crash
222f671158 2019-08-31 11:21:15 Hardware_Related Review   Font sizes too big
7044332162 2019-08-31 11:24:24 Code_Defect Closed   resizing images with high quality
35e2a4e6f1 2019-08-31 17:26:34 Code_Defect Closed   Androwish does not really exit
25d77d29ae 2019-09-01 10:45:20 Code_Defect Closed   Command exit leaves black screen but does not exit
5612bd96ce 2019-09-05 11:20:00 Code_Defect Closed   Build error
d2c58a7422 2019-09-08 19:21:19 Code_Defect Review   jsmpeg w/ Raspbian 9.0 undroidwish-e5dc71ed9d-raspi fails with error
6cea14498d 2019-09-26 04:47:26 Documentation Closed   Latest AndroWish SDK package version
7ca0bc6761 2019-09-27 12:11:37 Documentation Closed   borg content query parameter description
32ca035a53 2019-09-28 06:45:14 Feature_Request Open   Update tls extension
d05d10b80d 2019-09-29 04:57:29 Feature_Request Closed   Rotated tkpath canvas results to wrong bbox coords
e1c81d1c22 2019-09-29 04:58:50 Feature_Request Closed   file copy from zipfs does not terminate
f39e5aa464 2019-09-30 10:16:05 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath incorrect visual item with lower command
36b6cf3112 2019-10-01 05:25:52 Code_Defect Closed   sdltk virtual keyboard hint works first-time only
fc82c79ca1 2019-10-04 15:29:21 Feature_Request Closed   specify ip:port for jsmpeg feature
147b0c6a9b 2019-10-06 05:13:31 Code_Defect Closed   Wrong tkp::canvas distanve calculation
f54dd1e014 2019-10-06 18:27:40 Incident Closed   tkpath - line styles
4bcbc553c6 2019-10-08 10:54:44 Feature_Request Review   jsmpeg support in Androwish
70b8389829 2019-10-09 10:39:25 Feature_Request Closed   jsmpeg web page title should be set by -name
b169111e6b 2019-10-09 10:57:21 Feature_Request Closed   BASIC HTTP AUTH on jsmpeg feature
d91c241c17 2019-10-11 10:50:12 Code_Defect Closed   jsmpeg apps are dimmer than normal
56377d1956 2019-10-11 10:51:44 Feature_Request Closed   video screen recording feature
535c41696d 2019-10-11 18:52:01 Code_Defect Closed   Parent WIndow obscures Child Menu
3614f02885 2019-10-11 18:53:49 Code_Defect Closed   Snack package seems broken
9dac574a91 2019-10-11 18:57:36 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath items should accept empty value for option -state
691b8ce2f6 2019-10-11 18:58:37 Feature_Request Closed   setting sensor rate
cba0e10251 2019-10-11 19:01:24 Code_Defect Closed   systemui returns before completion
084eba9760 2019-10-12 05:54:07 Feature_Request Closed   tkpath new features
4bb3d229c3 2019-10-12 05:55:17 Feature_Request Closed   Linux BLE support?
25f9e9d002 2019-10-16 20:05:13 Feature_Request Review   Detect headset state and microphone button events
f71c9cce23 2019-10-17 20:37:27 Code_Defect Closed   Bones error
93021eb30c 2019-10-20 12:28:59 Code_Defect Closed   FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
b3cfc442b3 2019-10-31 21:45:30 Hardware_Related Review   Sluggish canvas scrolling
f737cbfae2 2019-12-02 11:22:11 Code_Defect Review   borg osbuildinfo - corrupt array on Android 9
48a672ff69 2019-12-02 14:35:19 Code_Defect Closed   iPad keyboard only sends 1 letter with jsmpeg driver
f27dc54c68 2019-12-02 14:36:57 Code_Defect Review   jsmpeg driver with ubuntu 16.04
0f81ef0127 2019-12-15 17:40:28 Code_Defect Closed   Minimalistic Web-Cam small fix
3520b32557 2019-12-19 18:13:35 Feature_Request Review   less cpu usage for ffmpeg
bad3ced9cf 2019-12-19 18:42:59 Documentation Open   How can I buy you a case of beer?
ec1c95e538 2019-12-28 06:26:57 Code_Defect Closed   tkpath - move does not care about rotatation matrix of items
1911d724fe 2020-01-01 22:00:27 Hardware_Related Open   black screen after screen server on or turn off screen
6eef0fb3f8 2020-01-17 00:29:21 Documentation Review   Expect example?