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Ticket Hash: 6eef0fb3f824f409ce7353daabf49d37bf0de499
Title: Expect example?
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Last Modified: 2020-01-30 00:45:40
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anonymous added on 2020-01-16 03:58:18: (text/x-markdown)
Hi Christian,
I am trying to run a simple script for expect to spawn ssh, but I am getting the following error:
couldn't execute "ssh": permission denied

Do you have any example or comment about this?


chw added on 2020-01-16 05:39:35:
If you're on Android those are the usual permission problems.
On my 10" Android 4.4 tablet there's no ssh at all and I get

  chw@developmentsystem $ adb shell
  shell@droid $ ssh
  /system/bin/sh: ssh: not found

anonymous added on 2020-01-16 16:44:32: (text/x-markdown)
OK, Thanks.
Yes this is on Android.
And yet, I can manually ssh to the tablet from my laptop using putty, then from there, I can ssh from the tablet to a linux PC.

I will try the "Poor Man's Expect" from the Tcl wiki for now.


chw added on 2020-01-16 21:14:50:
Now the question is if you ssh into the Android which user id do you have?
I guess "shell" for which the ssh binary is executable. If you do this from
and installed AndroWish its user id is chosen at package install time and
very different from "shell".

anonymous added on 2020-01-17 00:29:21: (text/x-markdown)
I use the sshDroid app, which sets default user "root" and pwd "admin"
then from the putty session, the tablet console allows me to ssh to the linux PC.

On the other hand, the "Poor Man's Expect" example on the wiki, works fine with Androwish, the only problem is that, the console disappears, then I just to dump the console interactions to a text widget.

I will create a wiki page for this. Sounds promising.


chw added on 2020-01-30 00:45:40: (text/x-fossil-wiki)

I forgot to point you to the wiki page [tkconclient] which gives
some hints for using dropbear to SSH/SFTP.