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$Id:,v 1.1 2004/05/23 22:50:39 neumann Exp $
XOTcl Windows compilation guide:

- Consider to get a binary distribution of XOTcl from:

- XOTcl compiles with the Visual CC Compiler 

Visual CC Compilation:

In order to compile with VCC the following steps have to be performed:

1) Get tcl/tk sources, compile tcl and/or tk, and install them properly.
   To compile XOTcl the sources of Tcl (and optionally Tk) are
   needed. Tcl (and optionally Tk) must be installed properly. You get
   the Tcl/tk sources from:

   For compilation instruction see Tcl's documentation.

2) Set the PATH environment to the Tcl binary directory. For instance 
   in the DOS box you may write something like:
     SET PATH=c:\Progra~1\Tcl\bin;%PATH%
   where "c:\Progra~1\Tcl\bin" is the Tcl binary directory.

3) Before you can start, you have to get the full sources of
   XOTcl. These are packed in a tar.gz file, like xotcl-XXXXX.tar.gz,
   and they are available from:
   Untar the xotcl source. You can do it using a program like Winzip
   or with the tar command (e.g. in the cygwin distrbution).

   Change into the win directory.
        cd win

   Open the file "". Edit the
   first lines with the path information for your system, i.e., where
   to find tcl and tk sources and where to find the VCC compiler, and
   where tcl/tk binaries are installed.

4) In the 'win' directory, invoke: 

     nmake -f

   to compile xotcl.dll, XOTclSdbm, and Expat. 
   Moreover, package information and XOTcl documentation will be built.

   You can build the xotclsh/xowish (per defaul deactivated), if you
   need them: 

     nmake -f xotclshells

5) Optionally, you may test the XOTcl build:

     nmake -f test

6) Now you can install XOTcl with:

     tclsh83 installWin.tcl

   More installation notes can be found in the README file.

Please report bugs and problems to the authors under one of these
mail adresses:,,