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# -*- mode: text; fill-column: 75; tab-width: 8 -*-

There are two set of tests in this directory:

[1] The Tcltest-style tests (with the .test extension), which are not yet
fully supported.
[2] The old-style tests, which are invoked by the script Driver.tcl.

The old-style tests will be rewritten to use the Tcltest-style.

To execute all of the tests, simply do a "make test" in the win/ or
unix/ build directories.

To execute an individual test file:

[1] .test files: simply source the file. E.g.,

    cd unix
    tixwish ../tests/basic.test

[2] Old-style tests:

    ../unix/tixwish Driver.tcl general/select.tcl

    - or -

    ..\win\tixwish.exe Driver.tcl general/select.tcl