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 This directory contains some simple code examples for mega-widgets
 built using [incr Tk]:

   TextDisplay ........ derived from itk::Widget
                        Acts as a read-only display of text.
                        Has a text widget and an automatic scrollbar.

   Info ............... derived from itk::Toplevel
                        Base class for notice windows with an "info"
                        icon and a "Dismiss" button.

   MessageInfo ........ derived from class Info
                        Adds a label and a "-message" option for
                        displaying pop-up messages.

   TextInfo ........... derived from class Info
                        Adds a TextDisplay and display/append
                        methods for adding text to the display

 To see these in action, run the "viewfile" demo program.  For this
 simple demo to work properly, it must be executed in this directory.

 The "viewfile" program has an entry widget which prompts for a file
 name.  Type a file name into the entry and press return.  If the file
 is found, a TextInfo widget will appear displaying its contents.
 Otherwise, a MessageInfo widget will appear with an error message.