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Update Nov 2006: for a new Tclkit Lite build system, see the kitgen/ directory.

This is
Aug 25, 2005

  Tclkit is a standalone application combining Tcl, Tk, TclVfs, IncrTcl, and
  Metakit.  It runs on a wide range of platforms and supports starkits.

  For detailed information about Tclkit and starkits, visit:

  Tclkit comes in two flavors: one is for command-line use, the other has a GUI.
  On Windows these two are called TCLKITSH.EXE and TCLKIT.EXE, respectively,
  but on Unix, a single "tclkit" handles both cases (Tk is loaded on request).

  On the classic Mac, you'll need Metrowerks Codewarrior.  See the mac/ subdir.
  Mac OS X using X11 now builds with genkit.  Mac Aqua is work in progress.

  See for a big collection of pre-built binaries.

  Instructions for building tclkit are here:

  The older information of this README has been deleted.  If you really have to
  see it, use the CVS interface to retrieve older versions of this document.


  The Tclkit-specific sources are license free, they just have a copyright.
  Hold the author(s) harmless and any lawful use is permitted.

  This does *not* apply to any of the sources of the other major Open Source
  Software used in Tclkit, which each have very liberal BSD/MIT-like licenses:
  	Tcl/Tk, Incrtcl, Metakit, TclVFS, Zlib