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		Tcl Data transformations (Tcl-Trf)
		(Version 2.1.4 / MAY-06-2009)

		Andreas Kupries	(

This directory contains a freely distributable extension to Tcl/Tk called Tcl
Data transformations (Tcl-Trf). The collection of provided transformation
procedures includes:

*	Generation of message digests (hash values, checksums)

	MD2, MD5, SHA/SHS, SHA-1, HAVAL, RIPEMD-128, -160
	CRC (polynomial used by PGP)
	ADLER (based upon zlib)

*	Conversion from and to various data encodings:

	dual, octal, hexadecimal representation	
	uuencoding, base64-encoding, ASCII85-encoding

*	A reed-solomon error correcting coder.

*	(De)Compression based on zlib 1.0.4 or higher (1.1.3 is current)
	(if available as shared library)

*	Data encryption:

	Was removed from the base package, but is available
	separately (TrfCrypt).

Example applications distributed with the package are:

*	'tools/md', a message digest generator.
	Upwardly compatible to 'md5sum'.

Tcl-Trf is developed for Tcl 7.6 or higher.  It is a pure Tcl extension,
Tk is not required.  The extension requires a patched core. Patch files
for 7.6, 8.0 and 8.0a2 are part of the distribution.  The plus-patches
maintained by Jan Nijtmans ( contain this patch too .

Supporting (optional) packages are:

*	memchan 1.0  or higher (required by testsuite, by same author)


*	zlib-1.0.4   or higher (1.1.3 is current!)


*	SSLeay or OpenSSL


Packages built upon the fundament provided by Trf are

*	TrfCrypt, contains various encryption systems, by myself.


*	TLS, an SSL/TLS implementation for all valid Tcl channels,
	by Matt Newman <>


This distribution contains the source code for Tcl-Trf + documentation
describing commands (-> latex) and c-level interfaces (-> man-pages).


To compile Tcl-Trf please follow the instructions in the HTML
documentation (file: doc/html/trf_compile.html).

To report bugs, bug fixes, descriptions of interesting Tcl-Trf
applications, and suggested improvements:

+) Send email to


+) Post an article to the newsgroup	comp.lang.tcl

		Linux 2.0.29	(gcc	Development system
		IRIX 6.2	(cc only)
		ULTRIX 4.1	(both cc and gcc)
		ULTRIX 4.4	(cc 3.0)
		HP-UX-9		(both cc and gcc)
		Solaris 2.5	(gcc only)

	Other machines and OS's should work too. 

Feedback about other OS's and compilers is appreciated. Please
help me in making this package better.