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Artifact ID: e00a2bd84e1ddef1691bbabfc8ef049daf82d824
Ticket: 040cbad431f9524d0f1bb17ec97732922daa01b5
BLT zoomInfo stack not accessible, under undroidwish/vanillawish
User & Date: anonymous 2020-02-12 03:20:26

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    Wait, spoke too soon.

    Now it runs under undroidwish/vanillawish, but does NOT find it under the native wish 8.6, BLT 2.5.3. (it did work under native wish 8.5, BLT 2.4z)

    The error message now is

       cant't read "::blt::zoomInfo(...,stack)": no such variable

    And, of course, taking out ::blt:: restores it to full function.

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