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Artifact ID: 770cd98e3f8ca6a76c905bb1cb23eb3f9b1ac1cb
Ticket: 040cbad431f9524d0f1bb17ec97732922daa01b5
BLT zoomInfo stack not accessible, under undroidwish/vanillawish
User & Date: chw 2020-02-12 05:59:35

  1. icomment:
    So we need to refine the proc like so (again untested):
    proc AddZoomStack {g} {
      set cmd {}
      foreach margin { xaxis yaxis x2axis y2axis } {
        foreach axis [$g $margin use] {
          set min [$g axis cget $axis -min]
          set max [$g axis cget $axis -max]
          set c [list $g axis configure $axis -min $min -max $max]
          append cmd "$c\n"
      if {[info exists ::blt::zoomInfo]} {
        set ::blt::zoomInfo($g,stack) [linsert $::blt::zoomInfo($g,stack) 0 $cmd]
      } elseif {[info global zoomInfo] eq "zoomInfo"} {
        set ::zoomInfo($g,stack) [linsert $::zoomInfo($g,stack) 0 $cmd]
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