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Notebook Personnel Wiki


In 2005 I released Notebook v2.1.3, the latest, most up-to-date version of an application I'd been working on for about four years. Later, I spent a great deal of time on Notebook v3, which ultimately failed due to problems with a significant piece of infrastructure. I stopped working on Notebook altogether after that; the Notebook v3 project was a dead end, and I'd put too much effort into v3 to be interested in Notebook v2.1.3.

Recently, though, I've been interested in getting Notebook v2.1.3 working again, using all of the latest Tcl/Tk bells and whistles.

This version is labeled Notebook v2.2.0; it's essentially Notebook v2.1.3 with the minimal changes required to get it working with the latest version of Tcl/Tk. I've not tested it thoroughly, but feel free to try it; your data is always saved in a plain text file, so you aren't going to lose anything.

If you find any bugs, please write me a bug on the Notebook issue tracker at

Will Duquette -