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			tkinspect, release 5.1.6p10
			    (21 Jun 2003)

Tkinspect is a Tk program browser originally written by Sam Shen and
now updated to work with Tcl/Tk 8+, incr Tcl 3+ and to cope with
systems such as MS Windows where the Tk 'send' command is not
available. Based upon the 5.1.6 release of tkinspect this version
contains numerous bug fixes and functionality patches. See the
ChangeLog file for details.

tkinspect should be pretty easy to use, hopefully you can learn how to
use it by selecting an interpreter (via the File, Select Interpreter
menu item) and then clicking on things.  There is also an online help

tkinspect may either be run in-place (by wish tkinspect.tcl) or can be
installed using the install program (wish install.tcl). Fill out the
form, and hit the install button.

tkinspect itself is public domain, you may do whatever you want with
it.  However, tkinspect uses a hacked down library that I've written
at LBL, so the files in stl-lite are copyright 1995 Lawrence Berkeley
Lab.  See stl-lite/COPYRIGHT for the full copyright notice.

This release is maintained at SourceForge as a module of the tkcon
project. See for the project
information and for the

chw January 2018: modernized GUI and source code.