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		Memory Channels in Tcl
		(Version 2.4 / APR-24-2021)

	Andreas Kupries	(
	Version 2.4 (chw at ch minus werner dot de)

This directory contains a freely distributable extension to Tcl
implementing memory channels, i.e. channels storing the data
placed into them in memory, not on disk.


Tcl stands for the Tool Command Language, a freely distributable,
embeddable scripting language package.  Tk is an freely distributable X
windows interface toolkit and widget library implemented as a collection of
new commands added to Tcl.

Memchan 2.4 is developed for Tcl 8.4 or higher.  It is a Tcl
extension, Tk is not required.

This distribution contains the source code for Memchan + (very simple)
documentation describing the new command.
Memchan should be available by anonymous ftp from soon.


To compile Memchan follow the instructions in the file README.install

To report bugs, bug fixes, descriptions of interesting Memchan
applications, and suggested improvements:

+) Send email to


+) Post an article to the newsgroup	comp.lang.tcl


This extension has been tested extensively on a number of platforms and with
various versions of Tcl. If you find a problem and can reproduce it simply
then please submit a bug report on the memchan sourceforge project at