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TclCurl - get a URL with FTP, TELNET, LDAP, DICT, FILE, HTTP or HTTPS syntax.

TclCurl gives the Tcl programmer access to the facilities of libcurl, for more information
about what libcurl is capable of check

To make type:

      ./configure ?--enable-threads?
      make install

The configure script will deduce $PREFIX from the tcl installation.
The generated Makefile uses the file $PREFIX/lib/ that was left by
the make of tcl for most of its configuration parameters.

There is another README to explain how to compile in Windows.


If you are running Red Hat or Fedora and you are compiling from source,
make sure the directory '/usr/local/lib' is listed in '/etc/',
if it isn't add it before installing cURL.

If the configure script doesn't detect Tcl even though it is there, it
is probably because there is no '' file, maybe you need
to install a 'tcl-devel' package or maybe it would be a good idea
to download the latest version, and install that.


    package require TclCurl

    set curlHandle [curl::init]

    curlHandle perform

    curlHandle getinfo curlinfo_option

    curlHandle duphandle

    curlhandle cleanup



    curl::escape url

    curl::unescape url

    curl::curlConfig option

Check the man page for details.

Written by:  Andres Garcia (

Use at your own risk.  No support.
BSD like license, check 'license.terms' for details.