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  • doc
  • eas.h
  • eas_reverb.h
  • eas_types.h
  • README.txt
  • tclBLE.c
  • tclBLE.h
  • tclMuzic.c
  • tclMuzic.h
  • tclRfcomm.c
  • tclRfcomm.h
  • tclUsbserial.c
  • tclUsbserial.h
  • tkAppInit.c
  • tkBorg.c
  • tkBorg.h

Native AndroWish modules

This directory constitutes the Tcl/Tk interface to the Android world:

Files Description
tkBorg.[ch] Implementation of the borg command
tclRfcomm.[ch] Bluetooth SPP channels
tclBLE.[ch] Bluetooth Low Energy interface
tclUsbserial.[ch] Serial channels through USB to serial converters
tclMuzic.[ch] Interface to EAS synthesizer library (midi music)
tkAppInit.c AndroWish specific Tcl/Tk application initializer
doc/*.n Man pages (nroff format)