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This is the 4.2.0 source distribution of Itcl, an object oriented
extension for Tcl. Itcl releases are available from Sourceforge at:

1. Introduction

This directory contains the source code, documentation, and test scripts
for the itcl extension. This version is the next major release to follow
Itcl 3.4.  This version claims to be script level compatible with Itcl 3.4.

Itcl is a freely-available open source package as in the past.
You can do virtually anything you like with it, such as modifying it,
redistributing it, and selling it either in whole or in part.  See the file
"license.terms" for complete information.

2. Compiling and Installing.

Itcl is built in much the same way that Tcl itself is. Once you have
a Tcl build environment set up, you should be able to simply
enter the commands:

    cd itcl
    make all
    make test
    make install

3. Mailing lists

SourceForge hosts a mailing list, incrtcl-users to discuss issues with using
and developing Itcl. For more information and to subscribe, visit

and go to the 'Mailing Lists' page.

4. Support

We are very interested in receiving bug reports, patches, and suggestions
for improvements.  We prefer that you send this information to us via the
bug database, rather than emailing us directly.  The bug database is at:

We will log and follow-up on each bug, although we cannot promise a
specific turn-around time.  Enhancements, reported via the Feature
Requests form at the same web site, may take longer and may not happen
at all unless there is widespread support for them.