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README: tdbcsqlite3

    This is the 1.1.1 source distribution of the bridge between Tcl
    Database Connectivity (TDBC) and SQLite3, an open-source SQL
    database with an in-process server.

    TDBC and its drivers are available from a Fossil version control
    repository at

    SQLite3 is available from

RCS: @(#) $Id: $

1. Introduction

This directory contains the source code, documentation, and test
scripts for the SQLite3 driver for Tcl Database Connectivity. This
module, plus TDBC and SQLite3 themselves, allow you to access SQLite3
databases using a standard application programming interface (API)
from a Tcl script.  This module is also available from along with the source code of TDBC itself. A bug
database and Wiki are available at the same location.

Tdbc::sqlite3 is a freely-available open source package.  You can do
virtually anything you like with it, such as modifying it,
redistributing it, and selling it either in whole or in part.  See the
file "license.terms" for complete information.

2. Documentation

The 'doc' subdirectory in this release contains a set of reference
manual entries for tdbc::sqlite3.  Files with an extension '.n' are for
Tcl classes and commands; files with an extension '.3' are for C
library functions. The file, 'doc/tdbcsqlite3.n' gives an overview,
listing the classes and functions

3. See also

More information about TDBC and its drivers are available in the
README file for TDBC itself; refer to that file for compilation and
installation instructions, and support information.