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This is the source distribution of the Tcl Thread extension.
You can use this extension to gain script-level access to Tcl
threading capabilities.
The extension can be used with Tcl cores starting from Tcl8.4 and later.
Also, this extension supports, i.e. can be used as a loadable module of,
AOLserver 4.x series of the highly-scalable web server from America Online.

You need to have your Tcl core compiled with "--enable-threads" in order
to turn on internal directives supporting thread-specific details of the
Tcl API. The extension will not load in an Tcl shell built w/o thread

This extension is a freely available open source package. You can do
virtually anything you like with it, such as modifying it, redistributing
it, and selling it either in whole or in part.  See the "license.terms"
file in the top-level distribution directory for complete information.


Only Unix-like and Windows platforms are supported at the moment. Depending
on your platform (Unix-like or Windows) go to the appropriate directory
(unix or win) and start with the README file. Macintosh platform is supported
with the Mac OS X only. The Mac OS 9 (and previous) are not supported.


Documentation in Unix man and standard HTML format is available in the
doc/man and doc/html directories respectively.
Currently, documentation is in reference-style only. The tutorial-style
documentation will be provided with future releases of the extension.
That is, if I ever get time to do that. Everybody is more than welcome
to jump in and help with the docs.


The extension is maintained, enhanced, and distributed freely by the Tcl
community. The home for sources and bug/patch database is on fossil:

Alternatively, you are always welcome to post your questions, problems
and/or suggestions relating the extension (or any other Tcl issue)
to news:comp.lang.tcl newsgroup.