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This is TclRAL a relational algebra library extention for Tcl.


Installation follows the typical TEA scheme. On most UNIX or Linux systems
it should be sufficient to unwrap the source and:

% ./configure
% make
% make install

Configure typically needs to know where Tcl is installed on your system
via the "--with-tcl=...." argument. You may also wish to remove the
assertions by defining "CPPFLAGS=-DNDEBUG" as an environment variable.

This also works more or less on Windows system using MSys or Cygwin.
I build the Windows binary distributes using MSys.


As of Revision 0.9.0, binary distributions are in the form or zip package
suitable for installation using the "teacup" command.  It also works to unzip
the package file in an appropriate place along your Tcl library path.  This
could be in the "lib" directory of your Tcl installation (a common practice
under Windows) or in any directory that is mentioned in the TCLLIBPATH
environment variable. Binary distributions come with documentation and test
cases located in directories below the package files.


The definitive source for TclRAL has moved from SourceForge to fossil


The files provided at SourceForge are copies of the releases from the fossil
repositories. If you want the latest source, please clone the fossil repository
from one of the above sources.