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Zint and libzint
Zint is a suite of programs to allow easy encoding of data in any of the
wide range of public domain barcode standards and to allow integration of
this capability into your own programs.

Zint is able to encode data in the following formats:

Code 11, Standard Code 2 of 5, IATA Code 2 of 5, Industrial Code 2 of 5,
Interleaved Code 2 of 5, Code 2 of 5 Data Logic, ITF-14, Deutche Post
Leitcode, Deutche Post Identcode, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-2, EAN-5, EAN-8,
EAN-13, UK Plessey, MSI Plessey, Telepen Alpha, Telepen Numeric, Code 39,
Extended Code 39, Code 93, PZN, Code 23, LOGMARS, Codabar, Pharmacode, Code
128, EAN-128, NVE-18, Code 16k, PDF417, MicroPDF417, Two-Track Pharmacode,
PostNet, PLANET, Australia Post 4-State Symbols, RM4SCC, USPS OneCode, GS1
DataBar, DataBar-14, DataBar Limited, DataBar Extended, DataBar Stacked,
Composite Symbology, Data Matrix, QR Code, Maxicode, Aztec Code, EAN-13,
Micro QR, Korea Post Barcode, HIBC Code 128, HIBC Code 39, HIBC Data Matrix,
HIBC PDF417, HIBC MicroPDF417, HIBC QR Code, HIBC Aztec Code, Japanese Postal
Code, Code 49, Channel Code, Code One, Grid Matrix, FIM and Flattermarken,
Codablock-F, DotCode, Han Xin Code.

Output can be saved as BMP, EPS, GIF, PCX, TIF, EMF, PNG or SVG. 

Version 2.3.0:
This release features a complete rebuild of QR Code and Micro QR Code
functionality which now:

* Automatically detects and adjusts to Japanese characters
* Supports GS1 encoding
* Does not require the qrencode library.

Also new in this release is Grid Matrix support which similarly supports
Chinese character encoding.

Version 2.3.1:
Correction of some minor bugs in Code 128 and Data Matrix, addition of
--notext option to CLI and better operation of --scale option which now
scales human readable text and MaxiCode.

SPECIAL NOTE: Codablock-F has now been REMOVED from this project because of
problems implimenting this standard. For full details see the project website.

Version 2.3.2:
More bug corrections including important corrections to RSS Expanded,
Maxicode and ISBN.

Version 2.4:
Simplified GUI. Addition of "render" functions provides an API for
glabels. Corrections to 4-state codes. Simplification in QR code. Added
--dump option and support for reading from stdin.

Version 2.4.1:
Contains bugfixes for Data Matrix and QR Code. Add option to produce multiple
files from the command line. Add option to change font size in PNG images.
Tidy up information for creating Debian packages and for compiling on MS
Visual Studio. Correct bug preventing compilation without PNG support.

Version 2.4.2:
Fix bugs in batch processing - this now works from the command line.

Version 2.4.3:
Some Windows-only fixes and changes

Version 2.5.0:
Support for DotCode and Han Xin code. ECI code processing. Output to BMP, GIF
and PCX. Added bold and small text options. Reintroduction of Codablock-F.
Many minor fixes and improvements.

Version 2.5.1:
Numerous bugfixes, especially with Data Matrix thanks to extensive testing
by brunt@SF

Version 2.6.0:
Update front end to Qt5. Output to EMF and TIF. Copy to clipboard. Update
to latest draft of DMRE. Usual bugfixes.

Version 2.6.1:
Library bugfixes: EDIFACT unlatch in Data Matrix, Add UPNQR, Improved Aztec
data compression, Detect Code 128 data too long, Make error codes consistent.
GUI improvements: Additional clipboard options, remove border width bug,
remove changing background colour bug, remember more settings and make GUI
more consistent with user expectations. All windows now resizable and more
information given when batch processing.

Version 2.6.2:
Further bugfixes in Aztec and DotCode. Expand escape sequence support
to API and GUI. Handle UTF BOM. Bugfix raster images of Maxicode.

Version 2.6.3:
New symbology Royal Mail 4-state Mailmark. Added North America VIN verification.
Bugfixes for TIF and EMF output and escape character handling.

The home of Zint is:


The code is now also mirrored at:


For feature requests or bug reports please either join the mailing list at

or add a ticket on the project's SourceForge.

Please note the following points...
* Zint is primarily developed for Linux. While we have some experience of
  using Zint on Windows we may be unable to resolve problems if they are
  specific to other operating systems. We cannot provide support for using
  Zint with commercial packages such as MS Office or Crystal Reports.
* Always ensure you are using the latest version of Zint before posting bug
  reports - the bug you are reporting may have been fixed already.
* Please remember to state what operating system you are using and include
  enough information to allow us to reproduce the error - including input
  data if appropriate.
* Please DO NOT post messages asking for us to change the license
  arrangements. You will be ignored.
* Please remember that Zint is developed by volunteers. While we attempt to
  answer all messages within a week, this is highly dependant on external