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DBus-Tcl is a Tcl library for interacting with the DBus, a popular system
for applications to talk to eachother. DBus can also be used to coordinate
the lifecycle of a process. For more information about DBus, see


   + Connect to the well-known and other local and remote buses.

   + Emit and receive triggers

   + Execute method calls in other applications and get the results back.

   + Handle method calls from other applications in plain Tcl.

   + Monitor traffic on selected buses.

   + Ensure that only one instance of an application runs at the same time.


The dbus-tcl package uses a TEA3-based build system. Building the package
generally consists of running "./configure; make; make install" in the
top-level directory. More details are available in the INSTALL file.

*** NOTE ***

Building the documentation requires the availability of the dtplite command,
which is part of the doctools package in tcllib.

The Tcl DBus extension is hosted at SourceForge:

The latest sources are available under the 'dbus-tcl' module in CVS.