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espeak 0.2

Tcl interface to the espeak/espeak-ng library for speech output using Ffidl and TclOO.


Options to configure subcommand:

-a, amplitude <integer>
        Amplitude, 0 to 200, default is 100
-g, gap <integer>
        Word gap. Pause between words, units of 10ms at the default speed
-k, capitals <integer>
        Indicate capital letters with: 1=sound, 2=the word `capitals`,
        higher values indicate a pitch increase (try -k 20).
-p, pitch <integer>
        Pitch adjustment, 0 to 99, default is 5
-r, range <integer>
        Pitch range, range 0-100, 0=monotone, 50=normal (default)
-s, speed <integer>
        Speed in words per minute, 80 to 450, default is 175
--punct, punctuation <integer>
        which punctuation characters to announce: 0=none, 1=all, 2=some

Example code:

package require espeak
espeak::new E
E configure              ;# -s 175 -a 100 -p 50 -r 50 -k 0 -g 0 --punct 0
E configure -k 33 -p 35
E cget -k                ;# 33
E lang en
E speak "Hello world"
E destroy