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This C extension for the Tcl interpreter provides bindings for Augeas, a configuration editing tool.


tcl-augeas requires Tcl 8.5 or later. It supports Tcl 9. tcl-augeas is known to build and pass the tests with Augeas 0.10 through 1.8.

The current version has been tested on the following operating systems:

  • Debian 12
  • Fedora 39
  • FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE
  • NetBSD 10.0
  • macOS 14
  • OpenBSD 7.4
  • openSUSE Leap 15.5
  • Ubuntu 24.04

This modified version uses a standard TEA configure/make procedure for building.


Standard API

The commands tcl-augeas provides mirror the C public API of Augeas.

  • ::augeas::init root ?loadpath? ?flags? -> token
  • ::augeas::close token -> (nothing)
  • ::augeas::save token -> (nothing)
  • ::augeas::load token -> (nothing)
  • ::augeas::get token path -> value
  • ::augeas::set token path value -> (nothing)
  • ::augeas::setm token base sub value -> number of nodes changed
  • ::augeas::span token base -> {filename {label_start label_end} {value_start value_end} {span_start span_end}}
  • ::augeas::insert token path label ?before? -> (nothing)
  • ::augeas::mv token src dst -> (nothing)
  • ::augeas::rm token path -> number of nodes removed
  • ::augeas::rename token src lbl -> number of nodes renamed
  • ::augeas::match token path -> list of matches

init flags

See the numerical values for aug_flags in augeas.h. For example, AUG_ENABLE_SPAN is 1 << 7 or 128.


Besides missing proc arguments, tcl-augeas returns an error when

  • An invalid token is given to any command that expects a token;
  • init receives a non-integer for flags;
  • init fails to create an Augeas object;
  • save can't save changes to disk;
  • load fails to load data from disk (but not when it partially succeeds);
  • get path matches multiple or no nodes;
  • set path matches multiple nodes;
  • setm changes no nodes;
  • span is called, but spans aren't enabled (through the flag AUG_ENABLE_SPAN or /augeas/span);
  • span receives an invalid path;
  • insert can't create a sibling label;
  • rm receives an invalid path;
  • rm changes no nodes;
  • rename receives an invalid path;
  • rename changes no nodes;
  • match receives an invalid path;
  • An internal error occurs in Augeas.

OO wrapper

An optional object-oriented API wrapper is available as the package augeas::oo. It requires either TclOO or Snit 2. The former ships with Tcl ≥ 8.6; the latter is part of Tcllib. If both are available, TclOO is used.

  • ::augeas::oo::new root ?loadpath? ?flags? -> objName
  • $objName destroy -> (nothing)
  • $objName save -> (nothing)
  • $objName load -> (nothing)
  • $objName get path -> value
  • $objName set path value -> (nothing)
  • $objName setm base sub value -> number of nodes changed
  • $objName span base -> {filename {label_start label_end} {value_start value_end} {span_start span_end}}
  • $objName insert path label ?before? -> (nothing)
  • $objName mv src dst -> (nothing)
  • $objName rm path -> number of nodes removed
  • $objName rename src lbl -> number of nodes renamed
  • $objName match path -> list of matches


How can I reload the whole tree or part of it?

::augeas::rm $token /files ;# or /files/path
::augeas::load $token

How can I see the error message for the latest error?

::augeas::get $token /augeas/error


MIT. See the file LICENSE. MIT. See the file LICENSE.