Example Scripts
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Example Scripts And Screenshots

Many packaged example scripts can be invoked on typical Android devices by a "androwish:///<pathname>" URL on the VFS mounted /assets folder. This works with the Android web view component, Firefox, and Chrome. For Firefox, the last path component (the tcl file) must be URL encoded, e.g. test.tcl must be written as test%2Etcl.

Tk widget demo

androwish:///assets/sdl2tk8.6/demos/widget, source code

Screenshot widget demo
Screenshot taken on an i-onik TP9.7-1200QC-Ultra tablet

App Life-cylce, accelerometer, finger events

androwish:///assets/sdl2tk8.6/demos/android_demo%2Etcl, source code

Screenshot app life-cycle, accelerometer, finger events
Screenshot taken on a Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet

Accelerometer with canvas widget

androwish:///assets/sdl2tk8.6/demos/android_accel%2Etcl, source code

Screenshot accelerometer with canvas widget
Screenshot taken on a Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet

Device sensors

androwish:///assets/sdl2tk8.6/demos/android_sensors%2Etcl, source code

Screenshot device sensors
Screenshot taken on a Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet

Compass using magnetic field sensor and accelerometer

androwish:///assets/sdl2tk8.6/demos/android_compass%2Etcl, source code

Screenshot compass using magnetic field sensor and accelerometer
Screenshot taken on a Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet

Pinch-to-zoom with canvas widget

androwish:///assets/sdl2tk8.6/demos/android_zoom%2Etcl, source code

Eliza: speech recognition and speech-to-text

androwish:///assets/sdl2tk8.6/demos/android_eliza%2Etcl, source code

TclMixer: audio output and mod music playback

androwish:///assets/tclmixer1.2.3/test%2Etcl, source code

Simple VNC viewer

androwish:///assets/vnc0.4/vncviewer%2Etcl, source code

Screenshot VNC viewer
Screenshot taken on ASUS Fonepad K004 ME371G

Barcode generation using ZINT

androwish:///assets/zint2.5.0/demo%2Etcl, source code

Screenshot barcode generation using ZINT
Screenshot taken on a HTC One V smartphone

GPS/NMEA display

androwish:///assets/sdl2tk8.6/demos/android_gps%2Etcl, source code

Screenshot GPS/NMEA display
Screenshot taken on a HTC One V smartphone

Walkie-talkie using snack and UDP multicast

androwish:///assets/snack2.2.10/tcl_talkie%2Etcl, source code

Simple chat using Bluetooth serial port profile (SPP)

androwish:///assets/sdl2tk8.6/demos/android_btchat%2Etcl, source code

TkSQLite database frontend for SQLite

androwish:///assets/tksqlite0.5.11/tksqlite%2Etcl, source code

Screenshot TkSQLite
Screenshot taken on a Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet

Canvas 3D using camera for texturing cube surfaces

androwish:///assets/Canvas3d1.2.1/demo/photocube%2Etcl, source code

Screenshot photocube
Screenshot taken on a Lenovo Ideatab A3000-H tablet

Interactive MIDI music

androwish:///assets/music0.1/music%2Etcl, source code

Screenshot MIDI music
Screenshot taken on a Lenovo Ideatab A3000-H tablet

Piano, a pocket synthesizer

androwish:///assets/music0.1/piano%2Etcl, source code

Data Matrix Code scanner using camera and dmtx command

androwish:///assets/dmtx0.7.5/android_demo%2Etcl, source code

Barcode scanner using camera and zbar command

androwish:///assets/zbar0.10/android_demo%2Etcl, source code

Minimalist WebCam in ≈ 100 LOC

androwish:///assets/sdl2tk8.6/demos/android_webcam%2Etcl, source code

Tkbugz, a game requiring a VR headset and a USB or Bluetooth joystick

androwish:///assets/tkbugz/vr_bugz%2Etcl, source code